Business Ideas

BIG InternPrize will:
- establish a new structured and permanent form of relationship and cooperation between Vocational Education and Training and enterprise in a Community of Practice,
- introduce the use of bite size learning as a supplement to formal education, a new form of non-formal education that is totally mobile, flexible and easy to take up by a very wide variety of learners including those who are already starting or thinking of changing their studies or careers, who might be at risk of Early School Leaving due to disgruntlement with formal education and those who could possibly see the value to go back into education,
- train Vocational Education and Training trainers in mentoring and energising young minds to generate business ideas,
- experiment (and create a concrete example for future emulation and further development) of the use of peer review of the business ideas of students by entrepreneurs who will, in their turn, also serve as role models and
- inspire start ups with thought and due consideration of all economic, ethical, environmental, social responsibility and technical aspects necessary for a successful business rather than with improvisation and trial-and-error.

Image from StartupTipsDaily

Antoine Gambin